Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm cryin, I'm laughin so hard.

Check this out. I want you to know that Song Writer is a POET, goddammit! A true poet!

Need Last Lines for BoyLove Anthem

Posted by Puddinski on 2006-October-1 23:51:29, Sunday

Composed this little song, "We Shall Grow", but I'm stuck for the last couple of lines, represented below syllabically by "la-de-da" etc. Yes, I know the words are corny, but it's just supposed to be a simple feelgood anthem (the music is actually very catchy & upbeat with a nice rhythm).

Anyone have any suggestions how to finish it?

We shall grow,
In sun's sweet rays,
By light of the moon

Bloom and grow,
A love the fearful
Can never destroy

Dance with me,
In the morning!
In the distant sky,
A new light is dawning

Man and Boy,
Joined in a dance of love,
la, da de da,
da da dee-da da

can help

Posted by Song Writer on 2006-October-2 02:50:52, Monday
In reply to Need Last Lines for BoyLove Anthem posted by Puddinski on 2006-October-1 23:51:29, Sunday

Here are the last two lines:

Until the Evil Light Of the Law
Burns me to a shrivelling crust.

ahahhahahhahaha! heheheh! I love it!


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