Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wow, Verizon to shutdown 38 pedo sites, Nov. 3.

The folks over at peej have been busy. Read the details of the CSO listing here.

I think a lot of people doubted this could be done. Verizon is a huge company that could likely have hidden behind their lawyers and "free speech" but decided not to. This was posted over at bc:

It's time to come out and fight

Posted by Camper on 2006-October-7 11:27:26, Saturday

Hi everybody...

I am making this post because I need the support of our community in the fight that is ahead of us.

Five years ago Epifora was created for the purpose of hosting Free Spirits resources. Before that FS was moving from ISP to ISP trying to find a stable hosting solution. No ISP would have us for long, although they always said they supported freedom of expression. We decided that we needed our own ISP that would not fold under political pressure.

And so my partners and I created Epifora, and got a hosting deal with WorldCom Canada. And for 5 years we have been a well-behaved and entirely legal ISP for Free Spirits and others.

Last Wednesday, October 4, Epifora recieved a fax from MCI Canada giving us notice of termination in 30 days, for "a breach of Verizon's AUP." Included was an URL to MCI's AUP.

Practically the message from MCI Canada is... Verizon told us to get rid of you. Obviously this is due to political pressure brought to bear on Verizon by Perverted Justice.

We have not breached Verizon's or MCI's AUP. PJ's statements regarding Epifora and the content belonging to the clients we host are lies.

We believe that we can fight this, and so we are strategizing and organizing to do that.

I don't know exactly what form our fight will take, but we are determined to do it if it is at all possible. We think we are in as good a position as anyone ever has been to fight such an action. Epifora is and always has been a responsible organization... with a 5 year record of trouble-free operation. We've never had a takedown notice from either Law Enforcement nor our host, and we've always been responsive to complaints. And I think we can prove that in Court. Not that we should have to...

And so, I am hereby outting myself as the primary at Epifora. I am a boylover, and almost 11 years ago BoyChat changed my life for the better by giving me a community to be a part of and to be responsible to. BoyChat and Free Spirits need to continue to exist.

Epifora is making an official statement today, which you can read here.

You can contact us via our feedback form, or people can email me... or .

Also I will be participating on BC as much as I can. When we created Epifora my partners and I took a step away from the community and from Free Spirits (partly to avoid conflicts of interest), but I am glad to be back now, and boy do I need it.

PJ runs on righteousness, whereas we merely have the truth on our side. I don't know what else I'd rather be doing with my life than this, and I will be devoted to the fight as long as I can. Maybe the fight with PJ will be short... maybe we won't be able to stop the November 3 termination date. If that happens I will turn my attention to seeing that especially this resource, BoyChat, stays online. Because BoyChat is what it's all about.

I will keep our community informed as I can. I believe this will be an open fight, and I am not afraid of the truth coming out. I'm looking forward to it, in fact. Because the truth is that we are a civilized and reasonable people, and that the world will be worse off without us.

My love to all...



I have no doubt they'll find another place to host their disgusting pedosites. They get their rocks off on flaunting what they do, however subtly. But one thing that peej is known for is their solid, persistent BULLDOGGING (using X's word here) ways, so these pedos have a long row to hoe, as they say down south. I thank peej for their hard work and diligence, and wish them many more successes like this one.


Blogger jacey said...

It's brilliant news! Surprisingly enough it turns out most companies/people don't want anything to do with people that claim it's their 'civil right' to molest/rape little kids.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Rez said...

the pedos can't seem to understand that Verizon's AUP clearly states-

Verizon reserves the right to deny Service to you, or immediately to terminate your Service for material breach, if your use of the Service or your use of an alias or the aliases of additional users on your account, whether explicitly or implicitly, and in the sole discretion of Verizon: (a) is obscene, indecent, pornographic, sadistic, cruel or racist in nature, or of a sexually explicit or graphic nature; (b) espouses, promotes or incites bigotry, hatred or racism; (c) might be legally actionable for any reason, (d) is objectionable for any reason, or (e) in any manner violates the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy

7:35 PM  
Blogger **~violet leaves~** said...

:D smiling smiling smiling :D

5:28 PM  
Blogger Tyciol said...

Hey Rookiee, I can't find your e-mail or anything but you know how to contact me. I just wanted to know what's up with the CL community, your journal's deleted.

2:24 AM  
Blogger rookiee said...


Rookiee's not here, but leave a message at the beep.

4:41 AM  
Blogger Rez said...

is that supposed to be funny, ck? what i mean is... okay, you're trying to make some kind of joke? but, yeah... no, it's not funny. it's just kind of stupid. like you. again.

2:21 AM  

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