Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Notice the quotation marks. I admit I'm having quite a laugh reading about the fundraiser for Epifora/FreeSpirits/BoyChat/GirlChat. There are several things which are striking my funny bone.

First, the in-fighting. It's amazing that, in their "time of crisis" they still can't seem to band together, choosing instead to fight each other at the drop of a hat. I've seen the "babylovers" scream at Jim for asking for donations from them, seeing as how Jim likes to go on rants about baby rapers sometimes. Of course the "babylovers" respond by calling the ones in Jim's aoa (age of attraction) "geriatric" and "haircovered." Yes, very, very sick, but very funny at the same time, simply because it distracts them and keeps them busy with something besides going out and finding these kids. They're also fighting about seniority: who's been there longer than the other. Then there's the ever-amusing battle between the "girllovers" and "boylovers," and, in one case, one of the "girllovers" calls the GirlChat site the bratty, snot-nosed little brother of the BoyChat site, whining about how they're only being hosted by Epifora because of some association with big brothers being forced by parents to let the little brother tag along. It's also funny that on both sites, posters are being blamed for drawing attention to the sites by posting disgusting threads such as "How to get a kid in bed," and "Oh, I'm so hard-up for boy cock." As if noone could read between the lines in all the other posts on those boards. (We have screenshots, by the way, Hínandil and Rusty)

Yet, the wheel turns, and they have thread upon thread announcing pledges. There are people keeping track of totals, but really, who knows? The pledges are funny, though. "I'll send $100 but I don't know when." "If anyone will give me the address to send it to, I'll send 50 bucks," etc.

What's funnier is their paranoia. They are paranoid about anyone who asks for the address, yet they're constantly screaming about giving til it hurts. I wonder how many true pedos are not being given the address due to paranoia, and how many antis are getting the addresses simply because the person with the information "feels good" about the email. It's obvious that they don't have any sort of system to find out who's sincere about it or not, so they're flying by the seats of their pants and jumping at any little creak in the house. But here's the thing, really: Why are they paranoid? All they do is LOVE children, right? They're not doing anything illegal, right? They'd never HURT a child, right? None of them have child porn on their computers, right? That's what they say, anyway. If that's the case, why be paranoid at all? Why not post maildrops in public, and just go pick up the money that's being donated for their "good cause?" I don't need an answer to that question. Neither do any of you.

And on the sidelines are the newbie posters, the ones who've just signed up. Of course, everyone's suspicious of everyone, and there's a fellow who posted a long, heart-rending (cough) story of his experience with child porn, the police, losing his family, job, etc, and people are calling bullshit, the most amusing of which is WM, who seems to think that one must vet himself by going to his website so WM can get his IP address. The newbie has posted today that he has gone over to WM's site to "have his IP checked," and has said that he will basically out himself to the mods if they request. Tell me THAT'S not funny! In the words of "Dylan Thomas,"

"Everyone is a government informant."

Indeed. And that makes me smile.


Blogger jacey said...

It's a good time to kick back and watch the pedos scurry around banging into one another.

5:30 PM  
Blogger rookiee said...

Absolutely. That's just what I'm doing. :)

8:32 PM  
Blogger **~violet leaves~** said...


I know its so funny and so sad at the same time.

Atleast we have that to amuse us, while we kick their ass.

9:00 AM  

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