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Pedologues (hosted by

Okay, I decided to listen to pedologues tonight and see what I could find. They're very well aware that they're being recorded, and that files like this can be downloaded at any time by anyone, and used against them, so they're working hard to keep their noses clean and talk about politcs (so far. I've only listened to three, and you'll see why I had to stop listening before the third one was over). I'm not transcribing, and I'm not really keeping up with who says what. This is just a few quotes that I was lucky enough to type fast enough to grab, and a few description of what they're saying the rest of the time. And a couple of tidbits of info, some of which we get to laugh about. I tried to keep my reactions in parentheses, but it didn't work.

Rookiee is from socal

sept 18
program starts off with a child's voice saying: "a 14 yr old 10 years ago is different from a 14 year old today" (and that means what? that now they're old enough to have sex with?)

martjin, norbert and rookiee

They're whining that the media wont talk about their issues, but they don't say what the issues are. The issues are that adults should be able to have sex with kids? What are their issues? They keep mentioning the right to exist, but they are existing, so, what's going on? Do they expect people to read between the lines? If people do read between the lines, they yell because we are. (Too bad, because, on rookiee's show, they could have talked about their "issues," but didn't. Yet the media won't let them, and this is a problem?)

sex is fun podcast? booted from itunes, starting a boycott? (just a note. rookiee was talking about this podcast being booted from itunes and about how people who make money don't want that shit on their sites. Well, yeah.)

episode 29

rookiee, ohhellyes, crake

genetic flaws are there for a reason: overpopulation (LOL) (so we shouldn't mess w/ disease and stuff, genetically. Let's just chuck all these scientific advancements, then, because children who are born with painful and terminal diseases are just in that big plan for humans to not be able to overpopulate the planet. That's the ticket.)

(Fantasies begin)
'What if pedophilia saves the world, some day?' 'every bodacious 30 yr old beautiful woman' cant reproduce 'but only the kids can reproduce' 'that means we could save the world!'

Then they start comparing people who don't want pedos messing w/ our kids to hitler. If we find a gene related to pedophilia, we might want to take it OUT! OMG! Because:

Talkng about an outter limits show, and talks about an episode where all the adults were poisoned, and the teachers told all the kids to go out and have sex to procreate, and wow, it'd be GREAT if that would happen, because then it would be in their faces! (the issue, that is. i guess.)

'and bring dick cheney with you and shoot him in the face' --rookiee (that was interesting. I don't remember the context but I'm sure SS will figure that part out)

comparing their 'plight' to the plight of black people (come ON)

ditto homosexuality (come ON)

whinin cuz gays outcast nambla, and then gays got to see more progress. (oh, shock.)

About leadership of the 'boylove movement' (Or, as I call it the BM)
Talking about abraxas saying it's okay to get by with things that are illegal w/o getting caught, but rookiee's saying, no, be clean if you're going to be out (we know how often THAT happens, huh, kevin brown, tom o'carroll, etc).

ohhellyes is comparing adult porn w/ child porn. claiming child porn is a type of release for pedos, and that if they cant get release... (doesn't explain what will happen) (if adults cant have sex, they need that adult porn, uh right.)

Called Stacy Harper an idiot. Go Stacy! She got the hell off of libsyn as fast as she could!

Justifying it by saying that adults have preferences, and so do they. so, because they dont want to fuck ANY kid, but only CERTAIN kids makes it okay. (no words)

The pro-life people dont go around saying people kill babies? (where are you FROM? Oh, right, socal. But STILL!)

It's illegal for them to love a child the way they want to, but it's legal for a woman to go out and have an abortion, which is killing the child, but they cant love them the way they want to. (so the ones of us who DO have children shouldn't be able to determine what happens to those kids?)

'they cant consent to have sex with adults, but people take them out and parade them around because they're cute, making money off of them by using them as 'accessories' to make them look good. (okay, that happens. but, because it does, that means they get to use those kids as objects too? two wrongs and a right, table for 3!)

'we dont see them as objects...cuz we're the same as them and we love them for that...' (well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that they're like the boys they "love," but "arrested development" does come to mind. No, not the band.)

(ohhellyes is drunk or stoned. Fine with me about getting drunk and stoned. Just making an observation)

'A guy may be straight, but you can stick your finger up in his ass, and he's gonna come like a motherfucker...' WTF

And, that, readers, is when I had to stop listening. That implies that, because a person has an orgasm that whatever's being done to them is okay. This is why young boys, and males in general, have a problem with prosecuting people who've raped them. This is the sick fucking idea that keeps a lot of these pedos jerking off instead of questioning themselves. Anyone can be forced to have an orgasm, but that doesn't mean that they wanted to, and I imagine that that would make the abuse much more embarrassing, and would enable the abuser to keep the victim silent. But this is a JUSTIFICATION for these people! Imagine! I just can't.


Blogger jacey said...

I've listened to a few episodes myself, it's pretty fucking crazy!

10:44 PM  
Blogger **~violet leaves~** said...

Its just sick.
I tried to listen but was sickened fast.
Its hard to imagine people (demons) like this who are so proud of what they are.

4:09 PM  
Blogger jacey said...

Indeed, very proud to promote child abuse, but of course they'd call it "love." Interesting the way that when I talk to a few known survivors of this "Love" (Child abuse) they don't seem to look at it the way Rookiee and his mates tell it.

8:35 PM  
Blogger **~violet leaves~** said...

jacey exactly.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Stacy L. Harp said...

You'd think they would get my name right...seriously, who is the idiot... :)

4:36 PM  
Blogger jacey said...

You'd think they would get my name right...seriously, who is the idiot... :)

Hehe, I noticed that. :)

10:35 PM  
Blogger Rez said...

peds are stupid. it's a fact.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Daydreamer of Oz said...

If they're so proud of it, then they need to show their paedo faces. They're only proud when they're anonymous.

Rez that's about the nicest thing you've ever said about them :)

4:01 AM  
Blogger **~violet leaves~** said...

Yeah its funny how the pedos are so *PROUD* to be a pedophile yet they hide from the truth.

Being proud that you are the sickest asshole in the world?
Wow what a thing to be proud of.

Raising 30k to keep their crap online even though they confess to loving children so much--yet what do they do for the children they *love* so much?


liar pedophiles.

6:08 AM  
Blogger Rez said...

Rez that's about the nicest thing you've ever said about them :) know, i think you're right. thanks!=)

1:26 AM  

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