Friday, September 21, 2007

The Featured Wikisposure Article This Month

Clint Hopper

Not only is he illiterate and ugly, he's also a pedophile who thinks very young children can consent to having sex with...the likes of him. He's pathetic. He's whining that he's afraid to go out of his house. He's threatening to move to another country. But, more importantly, he is constructing more and more profiles on the internet to talk about his sick fuck ideas. I reckon he's not going to have time to set up house somewhere else, so run on over to the peej forums and join in the notification of his community. Or, just do it yourself. All it takes is a few snail mails and/or phone calls. People need to know that this ranting idiot pedophile lives around them and their children. Help em out!

And then, if you want a giggle, run on over to girlchat and watch all the in-fighting and chaos there. It's absolutely hysterical (in more ways than one)!


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