Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Press and Pedophilia

I've seen a lot of the pedos talk about how it's the press' fault that they're getting convicted unfairly, and that the press is part of the reason society is all "brainwashed" about how damaging adult/child sex is. Of course, they have numerous things that they blame on their "plight."

There definitely is a lot more of it in the press these days, that's for sure. Sometimes when I read the forums about crime in the news, I'm just blown away by how many stories there are about this problem every day. I'm not going to question the motivation for there being more stories than there used to be, and I'm certainly not going to agree that any of it is being "generated," because it's a problem that's been around forever. But I think it does demonstrate that the general public is concerned about it; otherwise, the stories wouldn't sell -- people wouldn't watch TCAP, read the anti blogs, read the newspapers, etc.

I think that's a good thing. The public is being made aware, bigger than ever, that there's a gigantic problem that's been swept under rugs for far too long. And they're speaking out about it, asking for laws to be changed, and keeping their eyes more open than before, I think.

So, here's to all the media spreading the word, whether it's network television or the tiniest blog on the web saying 'LET'S STOP THIS SHIT!'

My hat's off. :)


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Study found that 99% of convicted pedophiles in toronto were hardcore trekkies

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