Thursday, January 04, 2007


I ran across a post earlier where some pedophile was laughing about an anti's personal blog on myspace. This anti is not even an active blogger, just a person who does some work around Peej and has a myspace account which is linked to the Peej account, and other Peejers.

Anyway, there's not a lot of personal info about me out there under my current nicks, but it made me think about one of the funny things that pedophiles like to talk about, and that's a big part of what this blog is about, updates and giggles. One thing that they like to do is "out" us. For example, they've strewn as much personal information around the net as possible about X and some of the contribs at Peej, and also about other antis, mostly bloggers. And I'm thinking, So what? What are they going to do, yell and point, "OMG, It's an Anti!!" and expect.... Well, I dunno what they expect.

It's not going to be like it was with Kevin Brown. He lost his job/wife/kid. It's not going to be like it is with Rookiee, hiding in his house, terrified of his shadow. It's not going to be like Robert Vann Smith, who is just one of many pedophiles who's been charged with raping a child and associated with a "boylove" website.

Maybe we'll get high fives from our neighbors? Oh noz!!!! Maybe someone will email us and say "good job!" I can't imagine that they would think that anything negative would happen from it. Maybe they think some crazed pedophile will stalk us and hurt us, but, though they do hurt children, they're cowards, in general, and would run screaming like a banshee if one of us got in their face and said, "Boo!"

So, yeah, things have been sort of quiet on the Anti front, with the holidays and all, or so it seems. Peej just got another conviction, followed shortly behind one right before the beginning of the year. And I'm sure other people are doing other things, heh.

So, I expect there will be outings this year, of pedos and antis, but it's highly likely that the results of each of those will be quite different. Quite differnt, indeed. :)


Blogger Stitches77 said...

Great post Rookiee, and so true.

Wonder what their employers would say if you showed them some of the things they say? Hmmm, I don't know, but I do know that my employer knows exactly what I'm doing and has given me a tremendous amount of support and resources to continue my work.

A lot of the pedoheads have violent streaks that are barely contained, it simply oozes through their comments and posts. Ironic isn't it? Wacko's claiming to be childlovers?

On the other hand anti's don't threaten them with violence. We may say we wish they would cease to exist. We may wish they would just do society a favor and kill themselves, we may mock them for what happens to them in prison when Bubba gets hold of them, but we aren't out promoting mass vigilantism in a violent form.

I believe we are all pretty much on the same page. I want this pro-active adult/child sex movement to cease and desist. I want all pedovores contained and neutralized. I want children to be safe. I want 'one strike you're out' laws. I want the death penalty for repeat offenders. I want absolute zero tolerance for pedophiles and anyone who apologizes for them and their behavior.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Sues said...

Great post and comment- you said it so well Stitches, that I don't have to even add to it!

7:39 PM  
Blogger Stitches77 said...

LOL well thanks Sues. I didn't ask for much now did I?

7:49 PM  
Blogger Mata Hari Super Spy said...

Hmm, I wonder what my employer would say if they knew I was an "anti"?

Oh wait....I know exactly what they would say. Great job! You get a raise!

Then again, I am the boss, so that makes me the employer. Maybe I'll spend my new found raise on improving my superspy abilities. :)

5:41 PM  

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