Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pedophiles and Nazis

First, yesyes, I do know about Godwin's Law, and I guess what is going on sometimes between the antis and the pedos is a big fat flamewar, but anyway...

I see them compare themselves to gay folks, black folks and jewish folks all the time. They compare antis and the government to Hitler and the Nazis. Poor them, how they suffer! But, really, if you take a good look at what's going on, there can be a comparison made -- between the pedos and the nazis.

If you've ever wondered how the hell something like the holocaust could happen, how so many people could become involved in that kind of shit, you've probably read about it to find out how it happened, and you probably found out that part of the strategy was the propaganda the nazis used, and how they twisted words to create the atmosphere that it was okay to do what they were doing.

That's exactly what the pedophiles online do. They try to use propaganda and they twist words around and try to use long convoluted explanations of who they are and what they do, and what they'd like to do.

And they do trick some people.

Thing is, Hitler was dealing with people who'd been oppressed by poverty and promised them a lot of relief from that. Pedophiles have nothing to work with. It's not like they can suddenly promise a car per household and food for people who'd been scraping to eat for a long time. All they can offer is to harm our children with deception and abuse.

No thanks.

But a lot of what we're fighting here is gullibility. It usually just takes a bit of translation to show someone what they're up to. So, let's keep talking to folks about it. They'll never do the damage that the nazis did, but with some of their propaganda and bullshit, they may be able to charm their way into people's lives, so we have to keep telling people about them.

A tip of my hat to the folks over at Warriors for Innocence for doing such a bang-up job describing them and how they snake their way into people's homes and families.

P.S. Besides, it takes solidarity to do anything useful at all, and, well, if you want a giggle, go over to bc and take a look at the in-fighting on the "Will We Win The War?" thread. It's just hilarious!@#


Blogger jacey said...

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12:28 AM  
Blogger jacey said...

The fact that there are some naive people out there is why it's so important that we're here to point out what the paed's really mean when they talk about childlove (ChildAbuse).

Solidarity is great among us Anti's. We don't have to worry about having any differences, becuase we all want the exact same thing. No one wants infighting and we all have a considerable amount of respect for each other. We're a great team: UNITED AGAINST PAEDOPHILIA!

12:31 AM  
Blogger Llort said...

I agree with the original post, the pedos spew out this propaganda to try and change the world's oppinion of them. Lke jacey said the anti's have solidarity and I'm certain we can give them a good hammering. Let's set our sights on totally removing pedophiles from the internet, perhaps we won't get 100% but if we can get 80% they will have bloody noses!

1:30 PM  
Blogger jacey said...

perhaps we won't get 100% but if we can get 80% they will have bloody noses!

Very bloody noeses indeed!

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just bloody noses? I prefer much more bloodiness than noses, something like "Katie's Revenge" tatoos would be acceptable - on their testicles.

8:19 PM  
Blogger rookiee said...

Haha, pedo, a girl after my own heart. :)

8:24 PM  

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