Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rookiee Has Been Outted!

The former owner of this blog has been outted by the alt.malicious.hackers group. The link is here.

Go rikijo and friends! Damien Cole, this is what you've been waiting for. I remember you posting that it will make things easier for you if you were outted. So, have fun with THAT! :)

Update: Boy has he EVER been outed! Check out the main page of Peej right now. Isn't that picture priceless? I think he needs a bigger shield!

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Blogger jacey said...

So, have fun with THAT! :)


Very nice work Velocity and Rikijo!

3:26 PM  
Blogger ILuv2Surf said...

... and a fine outing it is ...


It was thanks to his "other" live journal that we learned more about him - before he deleted his entries:

His "friends" page is still accessible; maybe he couldn't remove that data?

3:26 AM  
Blogger rookiee said...

I wonder if anyone has a copy of that voice post...

3:56 AM  
Blogger jacey said...

He won't be liking this one bit at all!

Nice work iluv2surf!!!!!!!

10:16 AM  
Blogger rikijo said...

Just tuning in? Read the entire report in the order it was written, replete with notations: by, JP HERE

Rook·iee (rook-ee)
1. Slang
a. An inexperienced person; a novice.

Add to that, banal, immature, and pseudo-intellectual.

Rookiee is a pedophile who operates a Pod-cast radio program called Pedologues. His program includes lengthy, tedious interviews with various members of NAMBLA's steering committees, and has become an oasis for every reprobate possessing the hint of a Dutch accent and a one-way ticket to Thailand in his pocket. His program glorifies sex with minors, and is nothing more than transparent and crude propaganda advocating for the acceptance of pedophilia. His is a show surrounded on all four sides by reality.

Noting his recent bout with enmity, Rookiee's reactions to the added negative attention his site has been receiving, have been predictable and unsophisticated. He says he is "Pushing Back," threatens to make public statements, and labels this as his "Official response," as if he's deputizing pedophiles and handing out campaign certificates or something. With little impact, he helplessly claws away at his opposition. Like an abandoned kitten tossed over the side of a bridge in a muslin bag, he scratches and scratches, as he sinks further and further into deeper waters. Blind, demented and confused, Rookiee raises meager challenges when he should just fold up quietly and disappear. Illogically, he believes that this is a call to arms. This is the type of thinking that inexperience creates. This isn't about freedom of speech. This is about out-maneuvering. It is a battle of wills and skills, and trust me, I've seen his opponents, they are many, they are savvy, and they are coming. I mean, anyone who calls themselves Rookiee Revolyob, and thinks Boylover spelled backwards is clever, is still operating at the level of a college freshman. While this may be the most attention he's ever received in his life, and unfortunately, he is being reinforced with attention by glorifying the life of a pedophile, it will certainly be short lived.

Rookiee's second mistake was antagonizing Perverted PJ has issued a comprehensive Call 2 Action. Their campaign is streamlined, well publicized, and professional. It is already rearing results.Witness Rookiee's newest conundrum, as published in his latest entry, "Heh. Wikipedia just blocked me and wiped my userpage for my adding a link to my homepage."
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This user has been blocked from editing Wikipedia for violating Wikipedia's policies, most notably WP:NOT: Wikipedia user pages, signatures, etc. should not be used for advocacy.
Retrieved from ""

Heh? He obviously doesn't comprehend his new role as victim in this situation, and is failing to accept the futility of his actions. You don't stop to yell at the iceberg when you're on the Titanic. But, that's exactly what he's doing. This is not the time to respond with adolescent quips, and hollow challenges. On September 14, he had the audacity to reprint a portion of my blog on his site. He can't even spell John Powers! And if he think it's not important enough to remember how to spell the name of the man chronicling your take-down, well, like I said, he's a novice. His first biggest mistake however, was attacking an individual like Rikijo. While Perverted Justice is dismantling Rookiee's entire surrounding infrastructure, Rikijo and his crew are initiating less than obvious measures to guarantee the removal of Pedologues. I am told that they are close to exposing Rookiee's true identity. With it, comes an avalanche of intelligence, and anyone connected with Rookiee, and endorsing his illegal off the air antics with minors, should abandon him now.

His inexperience with real world consequences is no doubt, motivating him to continue conducting his programs like it's business as usual. I imagine him in his make-shift studio, seated on an elementary school chair, his microphone smelling like the bubble gum you find inside a pack of baseball cards. He is wearing an Elmo t-shirt, his pockets are bulging with comic books and Star Wars figures. His main console area is cordoned off with an old sheet. It is draped across a section of unused speaker wire. The sheet has a NAMBLA symbol stenciled in magic marker on it. Alligator clips adorned with Pokemon stickers hold the sheet in place. The ends of the wire are affixed to exposed studs, below a poster of Haley Joel Osment, in his grandparent's unfinished basement. I suspect his lifestyle has caused him to become a gaunt individual. He is probably unattractive, and possesses a curved spine from constantly bending down and interacting with children. Piece by piece, this putrid world around him is beginning to dissolve. "They (Perverted Justice) have already managed to convince CafePress that I'm violating their terms of service by simply being present on their system." His newest strategy consists of dispatching reports on his own demise. "They just blocked me for that. Amazing," "Wikipedia is claiming that I cannot use the Boylove Logo on my userpage," ""why did Rikijo wait sooooo long before deciding to target my podcast?" " I really need your support on this, guys" Soon, everything and everyone around him will become tainted. Fruit in the supermarket will spoil in his presence. When his car-keys and his remote control go missing, he'll be trolling The Action Report to see if I know where he misplaced them. "John Powers, an "internet reporter" closely associated with CNN, has set himself up a nice one," I've been on Nancy Grace a couple of times, but I wouldn't characterize that as having "close associations with CNN." However, the latter portion of his statement is true. I have set myself up a nice one.

7:21 PM  
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