Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stranger Rape

So many times, the pedos talk about statistics about which kids are raped, and by whom. They say over and over that most molestations and rapes are done by people who are not strangers to the children, as if that says something about them -- something positive.

And then they go on to tell stories about how they befriend children and children's parents. How they lust over their nephews, cousins, their own children.

So the next time you see a pedo quote some stats that say that stranger rape is less common than rape by family members or friends, remind them of this. Here's one simple quote that I'm about to go find, right this minute, without much research at all:

"Basically, in the half hour or so until his Mum turned up, I got his whole life story, which I won't be repeating, but he is no angel, but assured me "I'm not doin' none of that shit no more".

Mum was a bit peeved that he was sitting with me, but was OK once I pointed out that all the other tables were full when he arrived and I enjoyed his company. I offered her something to eat or drink and she passed on the food but decided she would like a thickshake, and sent the young fellow off to get one for her. I gave him the money for it, with some extra for an icecream for himself, of course, and Mum and I chatted for a bit until he got back.

I told her that I found her son to be an intelligent, thoughful and generally nice person and she should be proud of him, and of herself, for bringing him up so well. She seemed pleased with the compliment, but started to point out his failings, until I told her he had already told me about all that and that he didn't intend to go down that path any more. She hoped that would be the case.

I have a standing invitation to call in any time, and most likely will, from time to time. I think he could use a good role model and grandfather figure to emulate. I foresee a few Sundays at the beach come summer..."

That's Bill Evans, the one who's already raped at least one boy. A boy he claims lived with him, no stranger. And now he's not a stranger to this new kid, and has befriended his mother.

So, yeah, pedos, you are right, it's not as often that kids are raped by strangers. That's because you weasel your nasty asses into people's lives and then rape their children. Nice try, though. (hah)


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Bill Evans is one sick piece of shit!

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