The Antis: Updates on the War Against Pedophilia Online

Friday, May 25, 2007

...and that's where you are wrong

There's a story here about Jack McClellan, the sick fuck who thinks he's going to be allowed to be "out and proud" without a lot of problems for himself:

We all know that he's a pedophile and an asshole, nothing new there. But I wonder how many people will be fooled by this person calling himself "Samantha Jenkins." No doubt some folks might believe that this is a woman, but we know better. However, noone will be fooled by this tripe "she" writes, because we all know better. In the comments section, "she" says,

"As a girl who was "loved" by a man when I was 8 - 14, I have no problem with "girl love," indeed, I support it 100%. The sickness of our society is not Jack McClellan, no, the true sickness is seeing how fast the average citizen embraces the ethos of Nazism as soon as they are confronted with an "Other," in this case a pedophile.

It's not hard to see that pedophiles today have become in America what the Jews were to Nazi Germany: scapegoats, marginalized, and persecuted. It is very sad to see the hate put into action and words, rather we should, as a society, be understanding of Jack, embrace him as part of the human fabric. Any group, such as pedophiles, that are so maligned by the status quo must have a very special gift to give to humanity.

I think in 50 to 100 years we will look back on how we are treating Minor Attracted Adults (AKA pedophiles) and view that in the same light as the way Jews were once treated, or the way blacks were once treated.