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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Camper = John Melanson?

We've seen the news stories about John Melanson being arrested. We've seen Camper answer on bc that it is not him. We've seen that the posts in the google group are very similar to what was accounted in the pdf file about this "JM" person. We've seen some iffy links between the two. But we have no solid information that Camper is actually John Melanson.

What I'd like to see is a solid link that they are one and the same. I'm definitely not trying to stir up shit within the anti community, but pretend I'm from Missouri and show me.

If anyone has any solid information that Camper from Epifora is actually John Melanson, please post here. I'd reallllly realllly love to know that they are the same person, and that this trash is behind bars, but I'm skeptical at this point.


Saturday, February 24, 2007


We see a lot of posts on the anti blogs talking about pedophiles being delusional and living in their own little worlds. Want proof of that? Here it is, right here. Show me one parent who will agree with this, just ONE, and I'll show you someone who needs meds/hospitalization/lost custody of their kids. Basically, you are very unlikely to find any who will agree. Here we go, laugh of the month:

Parental support

Posted by Proparent on 2007-February-24 13:26:28, Saturday

I just want the boylovers (and Girlovers) to know that there are quite a few Mom's and Dad's out there that would support adult/child consensual sex with their boys and girls. They support both you AND their kids 100%! If we're all patient, sensible, united while we slowley educate, someday the rest of the intelligent population will support us too, so don't give up! Sex is like eating or playing. When sex is consensual, it's natural, normal,fun and healthy at any age! Any type of sexual activity if practiced with a little moderation, is one of the sweetest fruits of life!


splutter. Can I get an el oh el???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peering into Peers: A Grateful View

There is not much more that makes me smile than a pedophile being convicted for his actions. Over at Peej, the convictions are coming in in droves, which makes me suspect that X will be off in his predictions some. That would make me happy, if they were to overshoot that, as I'm sure everyone agrees. And that's one of the wonderful things about being an anti: everyone agrees. We may not agree about politics, fashion, cuisine, religion, or even child-rearing practices, but we all agree about one thing: pedophilia is a Very Bad Thing, and people who commit crimes of this nature need to be put away, for as long as possible. And that's why you don't see in-fighting and bullshit going on between us.

One of the things that does cause endless amusement for me is to watch bc, gc, etc, when they erupt into fights amongst themselves. It happens all the time, and provides ample material for us antis to snicker at. Why are they always fighting with each other, when they are gathered together in the name of something they all agree upon? Because they are gathered in forums of dishonesty. They have nothing to stand on: it's all illegal. They can't trust each other, because, after all, one of them may be one of US! They can't agree on which ages are the best children to abuse, because there are a lot of children in the age group of 0-18. They can't speak to each other with respect to other things outside of pedophilia because they're stunted, immature people who're focused on their own selfish desires.

But, back to the antis. I just really wanted to say that I'm grateful to be involved with all of you. You're all wonderful, dedicated people who I am proud to call peers and friends. I'm especially grateful to Peej, which provides a perfect and thriving atmosphere in which to volunteer, and to the other bloggers I've met in the course of my volunteerism. I've always said that I've been a very fortunate person when it comes to the people I've become involved with, and this is no exception.

Thank you.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Peej Flow!!

Check this out! We love it!