The Antis: Updates on the War Against Pedophilia Online

Sunday, October 29, 2006


It seems that Verizon/MCI Worldcom have done the right thing deeming the pro-child sex websites hosts objectionable material and slating them for termination.

November the third should be a great day if all goes well, marking a milestone of success for Perverted Justice and hopefully the beginning of the end for the more openly organized elements of paedophilia online.

It's a nice start for Perverted Justice and within only five days Verizon suggested that was to be terminated.

See for more.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Ostrich Syndrome: How to Remove Heads from Sand

It's hard for some people, probably MOST people, to understand how much of a problem it is. Most of the regular readers of this blog are very familiar with what is going on with pedophiles online, their tactics, identities, stinking cesspools they call "communities," etc. But, for people who aren't here working on it on a regular basis, actually visiting pedo sites and blogs, I imagine it can seem pretty unreal. After all, there can't be THAT many of them out there, and they can't be after MY children, right?

We have to be careful about how we talk to people who aren't active antis. What I mean by this is that when we talk to someone who's not familiar with it, we need to be gentle. We need to realize that they don't want to believe it. Who would want to believe this shit? I sure wish it weren't true! So it can be easy for some people to think that we're overreacting, or exaggerating the problem. That keeps their worlds a nice rosey color.

I want to make it clear that I'm not bashing people who don't know what's going on. I think it's very natural to want to disbelieve this. I think it's healthy, to a certain extent. After all, we don't want everyone walking around with gloom and doom and pedophilia on our minds.

HOWEVER. Just like all sorts of child abuse that was buried for centuries and never talked about, it's time that information about pedophiles, who they are, what they say, how many of them there are, etc, is unearthed and spoken about. We need to take the scariness of it away, at least enough so that people can TALK about this, and do something about it. We don't want to keep shoving it under the rug.

That's where we come in, we antis. We have to inform other people and talk about this, just like we talk about drunk drivers, wife beaters and fatty foods. This is a clear and present danger, and everyone needs to know, and needs to be comfortable talking about it.

So, here's my challenge to all of you. Learn to talk to people on the "outside" about this issue without making them become defensive. Be informative and helpful, not offensive and in-your-face blunt. Use tact when contacting people about this problem, and be a problem-solver, offering solutions, rather than just yelling about it. Noone will listen otherwise. Let's do this right.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pedologues (hosted by

Okay, I decided to listen to pedologues tonight and see what I could find. They're very well aware that they're being recorded, and that files like this can be downloaded at any time by anyone, and used against them, so they're working hard to keep their noses clean and talk about politcs (so far. I've only listened to three, and you'll see why I had to stop listening before the third one was over). I'm not transcribing, and I'm not really keeping up with who says what. This is just a few quotes that I was lucky enough to type fast enough to grab, and a few description of what they're saying the rest of the time. And a couple of tidbits of info, some of which we get to laugh about. I tried to keep my reactions in parentheses, but it didn't work.

Rookiee is from socal

sept 18
program starts off with a child's voice saying: "a 14 yr old 10 years ago is different from a 14 year old today" (and that means what? that now they're old enough to have sex with?)

martjin, norbert and rookiee

They're whining that the media wont talk about their issues, but they don't say what the issues are. The issues are that adults should be able to have sex with kids? What are their issues? They keep mentioning the right to exist, but they are existing, so, what's going on? Do they expect people to read between the lines? If people do read between the lines, they yell because we are. (Too bad, because, on rookiee's show, they could have talked about their "issues," but didn't. Yet the media won't let them, and this is a problem?)

sex is fun podcast? booted from itunes, starting a boycott? (just a note. rookiee was talking about this podcast being booted from itunes and about how people who make money don't want that shit on their sites. Well, yeah.)

episode 29

rookiee, ohhellyes, crake

genetic flaws are there for a reason: overpopulation (LOL) (so we shouldn't mess w/ disease and stuff, genetically. Let's just chuck all these scientific advancements, then, because children who are born with painful and terminal diseases are just in that big plan for humans to not be able to overpopulate the planet. That's the ticket.)

(Fantasies begin)
'What if pedophilia saves the world, some day?' 'every bodacious 30 yr old beautiful woman' cant reproduce 'but only the kids can reproduce' 'that means we could save the world!'

Then they start comparing people who don't want pedos messing w/ our kids to hitler. If we find a gene related to pedophilia, we might want to take it OUT! OMG! Because:

Talkng about an outter limits show, and talks about an episode where all the adults were poisoned, and the teachers told all the kids to go out and have sex to procreate, and wow, it'd be GREAT if that would happen, because then it would be in their faces! (the issue, that is. i guess.)

'and bring dick cheney with you and shoot him in the face' --rookiee (that was interesting. I don't remember the context but I'm sure SS will figure that part out)

comparing their 'plight' to the plight of black people (come ON)

ditto homosexuality (come ON)

whinin cuz gays outcast nambla, and then gays got to see more progress. (oh, shock.)

About leadership of the 'boylove movement' (Or, as I call it the BM)
Talking about abraxas saying it's okay to get by with things that are illegal w/o getting caught, but rookiee's saying, no, be clean if you're going to be out (we know how often THAT happens, huh, kevin brown, tom o'carroll, etc).

ohhellyes is comparing adult porn w/ child porn. claiming child porn is a type of release for pedos, and that if they cant get release... (doesn't explain what will happen) (if adults cant have sex, they need that adult porn, uh right.)

Called Stacy Harper an idiot. Go Stacy! She got the hell off of libsyn as fast as she could!

Justifying it by saying that adults have preferences, and so do they. so, because they dont want to fuck ANY kid, but only CERTAIN kids makes it okay. (no words)

The pro-life people dont go around saying people kill babies? (where are you FROM? Oh, right, socal. But STILL!)

It's illegal for them to love a child the way they want to, but it's legal for a woman to go out and have an abortion, which is killing the child, but they cant love them the way they want to. (so the ones of us who DO have children shouldn't be able to determine what happens to those kids?)

'they cant consent to have sex with adults, but people take them out and parade them around because they're cute, making money off of them by using them as 'accessories' to make them look good. (okay, that happens. but, because it does, that means they get to use those kids as objects too? two wrongs and a right, table for 3!)

'we dont see them as objects...cuz we're the same as them and we love them for that...' (well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that they're like the boys they "love," but "arrested development" does come to mind. No, not the band.)

(ohhellyes is drunk or stoned. Fine with me about getting drunk and stoned. Just making an observation)

'A guy may be straight, but you can stick your finger up in his ass, and he's gonna come like a motherfucker...' WTF

And, that, readers, is when I had to stop listening. That implies that, because a person has an orgasm that whatever's being done to them is okay. This is why young boys, and males in general, have a problem with prosecuting people who've raped them. This is the sick fucking idea that keeps a lot of these pedos jerking off instead of questioning themselves. Anyone can be forced to have an orgasm, but that doesn't mean that they wanted to, and I imagine that that would make the abuse much more embarrassing, and would enable the abuser to keep the victim silent. But this is a JUSTIFICATION for these people! Imagine! I just can't.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pedospeak: What they say, and what they really mean

1. They say they're child lovers. They just love them, that's all. They want to help them with their lives, and give many examples where they've helped a child with his/her life, giving them loving guidance and support, usually where there's an absence of that love and support from family members.

If that's indeed the case, why not just simply be a big brother or sister and just do what those people do, and enrich a child's life? Why post on a pedophile site? Why even bring the pedophilia into the whole thing? They like to say that they talk about these things so these "feelings" can't build up and overwhelm them so that they don't do all sorts of sexual things to children, but, come ON. Is there no such thing as self-control amongst these people? I never did buy the whole "I can't help it" thing as a defense. Personal responsibility, table for two!

2. They say they'd never hurt a child. Then, of course, some of them go on to say that it's not hurting a child to have sex with that child. It just feels good, and why is sex so bad?

I probably don't have to explain this one to you, but some of them do it for us. Some of them lament that they will never be able to experience sex with their Young Friends, because they know what a burden a complicated situation like that would do to a child. But do they shut they fuck up about and go about their business improving these children's lives? Hell no. Instead, they post about it online, talking about brief glimpses of a child's private parts, or engage in conversations about their hardons. What good is that doing ANYONE? Of course, what they mean, when they talk about the burden of complicated situations is that SOCIETY has made those situations complicated. If that nasty old Society person would stay out of their sexlives, everything would be Just Fine.

3. Children should have rights of their own, to choose when they want to have sex with adults. Think about the children!!

I've never seen any number of children come out and say "Hey, wtf are y'all doing? We all want to have rights to fuck these adults! Where are our rights??!" Of course, the culprit here is Society, also. We control our children to such a degree that they feel they can't confront parents or other authority figures about their own sex lives. I read recently, on the GL site, about a 10 year old girl who's battling city hall about not being able to ride her scooter in town. Amazing child that is. Where are all those children who want to have sex with adults? Why aren't they rebelling? Of course, there's that one blog written by the 15-16 yr old who wants to fuck old men, but, hey, it takes all kinds.

4. Everything they say on their sites is legal!

No it isn't. I've seen multiple thread where someone has asked how to get their YF interested in sex, away from their parents' houses, to pay attention to them. This kind of "advice" is incendiary. This kind of "freedom of speech" advocates committing a crime.

5. But, but, they're just a support group! That's all! They need their support groups so that they can accept their feelings and not suppress them, so that they don't go out and commit mass molestation/murder. I mean, look at that Amish guy!

When someone doubts himself because what turns him on is WRONG, he needs to get help for that, not support. He doesn't need others saying, "It's okay, you're not alone, we're like that too." I will never forget a post I saw on the "boylove" site, thanking his fellow pedophiles for helping him to become a "fully actualized" pedophile. That should sum it up right there.

Anyhow, that's what I've got for now. Please feel free to leave other examples of pedospeak and what it really means in my comment section (and, no. this does not apply to pedophiles).

The point of this post is to educate people about how pedophiles try to twist words around and try to make people believe that they're normal, benign, misunderstood people. Do not be fooled. They are anything but.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Notice the quotation marks. I admit I'm having quite a laugh reading about the fundraiser for Epifora/FreeSpirits/BoyChat/GirlChat. There are several things which are striking my funny bone.

First, the in-fighting. It's amazing that, in their "time of crisis" they still can't seem to band together, choosing instead to fight each other at the drop of a hat. I've seen the "babylovers" scream at Jim for asking for donations from them, seeing as how Jim likes to go on rants about baby rapers sometimes. Of course the "babylovers" respond by calling the ones in Jim's aoa (age of attraction) "geriatric" and "haircovered." Yes, very, very sick, but very funny at the same time, simply because it distracts them and keeps them busy with something besides going out and finding these kids. They're also fighting about seniority: who's been there longer than the other. Then there's the ever-amusing battle between the "girllovers" and "boylovers," and, in one case, one of the "girllovers" calls the GirlChat site the bratty, snot-nosed little brother of the BoyChat site, whining about how they're only being hosted by Epifora because of some association with big brothers being forced by parents to let the little brother tag along. It's also funny that on both sites, posters are being blamed for drawing attention to the sites by posting disgusting threads such as "How to get a kid in bed," and "Oh, I'm so hard-up for boy cock." As if noone could read between the lines in all the other posts on those boards. (We have screenshots, by the way, Hínandil and Rusty)

Yet, the wheel turns, and they have thread upon thread announcing pledges. There are people keeping track of totals, but really, who knows? The pledges are funny, though. "I'll send $100 but I don't know when." "If anyone will give me the address to send it to, I'll send 50 bucks," etc.

What's funnier is their paranoia. They are paranoid about anyone who asks for the address, yet they're constantly screaming about giving til it hurts. I wonder how many true pedos are not being given the address due to paranoia, and how many antis are getting the addresses simply because the person with the information "feels good" about the email. It's obvious that they don't have any sort of system to find out who's sincere about it or not, so they're flying by the seats of their pants and jumping at any little creak in the house. But here's the thing, really: Why are they paranoid? All they do is LOVE children, right? They're not doing anything illegal, right? They'd never HURT a child, right? None of them have child porn on their computers, right? That's what they say, anyway. If that's the case, why be paranoid at all? Why not post maildrops in public, and just go pick up the money that's being donated for their "good cause?" I don't need an answer to that question. Neither do any of you.

And on the sidelines are the newbie posters, the ones who've just signed up. Of course, everyone's suspicious of everyone, and there's a fellow who posted a long, heart-rending (cough) story of his experience with child porn, the police, losing his family, job, etc, and people are calling bullshit, the most amusing of which is WM, who seems to think that one must vet himself by going to his website so WM can get his IP address. The newbie has posted today that he has gone over to WM's site to "have his IP checked," and has said that he will basically out himself to the mods if they request. Tell me THAT'S not funny! In the words of "Dylan Thomas,"

"Everyone is a government informant."

Indeed. And that makes me smile.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wow, Verizon to shutdown 38 pedo sites, Nov. 3.

The folks over at peej have been busy. Read the details of the CSO listing here.

I think a lot of people doubted this could be done. Verizon is a huge company that could likely have hidden behind their lawyers and "free speech" but decided not to. This was posted over at bc:

It's time to come out and fight

Posted by Camper on 2006-October-7 11:27:26, Saturday

Hi everybody...

I am making this post because I need the support of our community in the fight that is ahead of us.

Five years ago Epifora was created for the purpose of hosting Free Spirits resources. Before that FS was moving from ISP to ISP trying to find a stable hosting solution. No ISP would have us for long, although they always said they supported freedom of expression. We decided that we needed our own ISP that would not fold under political pressure.

And so my partners and I created Epifora, and got a hosting deal with WorldCom Canada. And for 5 years we have been a well-behaved and entirely legal ISP for Free Spirits and others.

Last Wednesday, October 4, Epifora recieved a fax from MCI Canada giving us notice of termination in 30 days, for "a breach of Verizon's AUP." Included was an URL to MCI's AUP.

Practically the message from MCI Canada is... Verizon told us to get rid of you. Obviously this is due to political pressure brought to bear on Verizon by Perverted Justice.

We have not breached Verizon's or MCI's AUP. PJ's statements regarding Epifora and the content belonging to the clients we host are lies.

We believe that we can fight this, and so we are strategizing and organizing to do that.

I don't know exactly what form our fight will take, but we are determined to do it if it is at all possible. We think we are in as good a position as anyone ever has been to fight such an action. Epifora is and always has been a responsible organization... with a 5 year record of trouble-free operation. We've never had a takedown notice from either Law Enforcement nor our host, and we've always been responsive to complaints. And I think we can prove that in Court. Not that we should have to...

And so, I am hereby outting myself as the primary at Epifora. I am a boylover, and almost 11 years ago BoyChat changed my life for the better by giving me a community to be a part of and to be responsible to. BoyChat and Free Spirits need to continue to exist.

Epifora is making an official statement today, which you can read here.

You can contact us via our feedback form, or people can email me... or .

Also I will be participating on BC as much as I can. When we created Epifora my partners and I took a step away from the community and from Free Spirits (partly to avoid conflicts of interest), but I am glad to be back now, and boy do I need it.

PJ runs on righteousness, whereas we merely have the truth on our side. I don't know what else I'd rather be doing with my life than this, and I will be devoted to the fight as long as I can. Maybe the fight with PJ will be short... maybe we won't be able to stop the November 3 termination date. If that happens I will turn my attention to seeing that especially this resource, BoyChat, stays online. Because BoyChat is what it's all about.

I will keep our community informed as I can. I believe this will be an open fight, and I am not afraid of the truth coming out. I'm looking forward to it, in fact. Because the truth is that we are a civilized and reasonable people, and that the world will be worse off without us.

My love to all...



I have no doubt they'll find another place to host their disgusting pedosites. They get their rocks off on flaunting what they do, however subtly. But one thing that peej is known for is their solid, persistent BULLDOGGING (using X's word here) ways, so these pedos have a long row to hoe, as they say down south. I thank peej for their hard work and diligence, and wish them many more successes like this one.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I LIKE it!

Seems Charles Harding decided he didn't want to live in jail. Seems he felt death would be a better place. I agree.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Your YF and you. And bombs.

I think one of the things that makes me the sickest about these gross ass motherfuckers is when they post about their YFs. There are many implications that are not-so-subtely veiled. There are encouragements that should be illegal.

It's sort of like a bomb-making site, where you have guys on there saying, god, it would turn me on so much to blow up a building, and other guys who are saying "it's okay, you're not alone, the rest of us get woodies about blowing things and people up, too." And then the others alluding to buildings and people they've already blown up.

Come ON! This country is all about free speech, but put that website up and let people talk like that about bombs and you've got a PROBLEM. Why is it so hard for people to see that this is the same kind of PROBLEM?

Because no bomb has ever hit them? Because they think they're immune to disaster? What is it that makes them so apathetic about predators, while they would happily shut down and arrest those who want to blow someone the fuck up? Do they not realize what kind of disaster these guys would like to make legal? Do they not realize what a disaster it would be if one of these guys got to one of the children in their families? What is it?

I'd like to fucking know. Talk to me.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm cryin, I'm laughin so hard.

Check this out. I want you to know that Song Writer is a POET, goddammit! A true poet!

Need Last Lines for BoyLove Anthem

Posted by Puddinski on 2006-October-1 23:51:29, Sunday

Composed this little song, "We Shall Grow", but I'm stuck for the last couple of lines, represented below syllabically by "la-de-da" etc. Yes, I know the words are corny, but it's just supposed to be a simple feelgood anthem (the music is actually very catchy & upbeat with a nice rhythm).

Anyone have any suggestions how to finish it?

We shall grow,
In sun's sweet rays,
By light of the moon

Bloom and grow,
A love the fearful
Can never destroy

Dance with me,
In the morning!
In the distant sky,
A new light is dawning

Man and Boy,
Joined in a dance of love,
la, da de da,
da da dee-da da

can help

Posted by Song Writer on 2006-October-2 02:50:52, Monday
In reply to Need Last Lines for BoyLove Anthem posted by Puddinski on 2006-October-1 23:51:29, Sunday

Here are the last two lines:

Until the Evil Light Of the Law
Burns me to a shrivelling crust.

ahahhahahhahaha! heheheh! I love it!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hissy fits: LOL!

how sad - they took it over

Posted by Komerat on 2006-October-1 02:29:25, Sunday
In reply to Rookiee's Blog posted by Spike on 2006-October-1 00:14:10, Sunday

The perverted justice team 1

Boylovers 0

Theyre ahead.

Yeah, sad. The leftists got it.

Posted by Poopyhead on 2006-October-1 02:46:20, Sunday
In reply to how sad - they took it over posted by Komerat on 2006-October-1 02:29:25, Sunday

Oprah -- 1
Kurt Eichenwald - 1
NBC Chris Hansen - 1
Those going after Mark Foley - 1

Boylovers - 0

I didn't even like Mark Foley, if anyone is interested.